Access Issues


The account was locked in Okta; I've unlocked it again and it's active. In Okta logs, there is quite a number of lockouts and authentication failures originating from different geographical locations in the past few days. This account is likely being targeted by password spraying. For now the account is active, please try to log in and make sure if the password was recently changed the old info isn't locally cached (clear browser cookies/cache, any Windows/O365 credentials, WiFi, even stored mobile app passwords if there is any). If problems continue, please have the user navigate to and provide us with a screenshot of results.

Since user also has SMS authentication configured, if they get locked out in the future, they can self-unlock by using the below URL: (at bottom -> Need help signing in -> Unlock account)



Actual Issue:

Password spraying

Actual Action Taken:

Blocked 686 IPs. If issue persist please use self recovery to unlock account. Alternatively you may try to consult with email team on whether it's possible to change login alias

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