Account Lifecycle

if the account not active for 90 days, AD will call INT191 for disablement...then if the account still not active for another 30 days, AD will call INT196 to delete the account..when the account deleted, it will generate Deactivation log in Okta and then when INT150 run base on the deactivation log, the integration will trigger SNow to create TITM

removing PG will not remove the AD account...have to wait for another 30 days for AD to it just not only remove PG but also remove it from AD..

yes...but this employee Maternity Leave was not update in WD hence AD do not know this employee status. If the leave status updated, the account will exclude from disablement...due to missing status AD will follow rules to disable after 90 days and then delete after 30 days more via INT196

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